Crown Or Veneer?

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I am Stephen Ratcliff of Stephen Ratcliff Family & Cosmetic Dentistry in Arlington.  Stephen Ratcliff Family & Cosmetic Dentistry offers multiple cosmetic dental procedures for creating sensational smiles. Two of the most popular procedures are dental crowns and porcelain veneers. Many patients don’t understand the difference between the two. Generally, a crown strengthens a compromised […]

Do Veneers Make Teeth Look Bigger?

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A well-designed veneer does not make your tooth look larger – unless you want it to. A veneer can correct many cosmetic dental problems and is a minimally invasive restoration. During the placement of some porcelain veneers, an extremely thin layer of enamel is removed from the tooth. If you have teeth with damage, discoloration, […]

Veneers Explained For Mansfield TX Dental Patients

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Hello! We are so glad you came to the Arlington dental health blog. This is the place where we take the time to answer some of the questions cosmetic dentistry patients in the Fort Worth area are curious about. Today we are discussing veneers. You may have heard the word veneer used in conjunction with cosmetic dentistry, and that is because they are a popular and effective cosmetic dentistry tool.

Fort Worth Wants Silver Screen Smiles

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With the constant media coverage of celebrities, many Fort Worth area dental patients are interested in having a smile like the stars. With an experienced dentist and the right smile makeover procedures, anyone can have a smile they want to show off. Many smile makeovers include teeth whitening. There are a variety of ways this […]

Porcelain Veneers and Instant Orthodontics For Fort Worth

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Arlington Porcelain Veneers and Instant Orthodontics

If you have been paying attention to the Fort Worth orthodontics scene in recent years, you probably know about invisible braces and speed braces. These new teeth straightening procedures have been welcomed by many people, especially Fort Worth adults who want an alternative to traditional metal braces. There’s more good news for Fort Worth dentistry […]