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Family Dentistry Arlington TX

Stephen Ratcliff, Family & Cosmetic Dentistry, is a family dentistry practice in Arlington TX. You will find our family dentist at 909 W Mitchell St, Arlington, TX. We serve the 76013 zip code with family dentistry. Our specialties include teeth whitening and clear braces. We also often perform a restorative dentistry, and cosmetic dentistry. Family […]

Is Malocclusion Causing Your Headache?

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Arlington Headache Relief

Are you a Fort Worth adult who suffers with chronic headaches? Have you tried Imitrex, diet adjustments, and chiropractic treatment? Perhaps the cause is not stress-induced tension, spine alignment or eyestrain. Maybe the culprit is right under your nose. Bite misalignment or malocclusion is a common Fort Worth problem that often goes undetected. Nature intended […]

Saliva And Arlington TX’s Dental Health

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Saliva And Arlington

Hi. I’m Dr. Stephen Ratcliff. Welcome to my Arlington TX family dentistry blog. Today we’ll be looking at the complexity and importance of your saliva. Though most people may think it’s gross, saliva is essential to dental health as well as digestion. Saliva is mostly water, but a small portion of it is made up […]

Crooked Teeth in Arlington TX?

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Can't afford braces?

Now is a great time to have crooked teeth! Why? They can easily be straightened. There are few technological wonders of our era that are more appreciated than modern braces. Teeth straightening hardware of past generations in Arlington TX had many drawbacks. They often involved a whole orthodontic tool kit–full metal bands, headgear, elastics, spacers, […]

Energy Drink Warning For Fort Worth

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Grapevine Smile Redesign

Hello. I’m Dr. Stephen Ratcliff. Welcome to my Fort Worth cosmetic dentistry blog. Today’s topic is energy drinks and the damage they can cause to your teeth. I am seeing more and more Fort Worth teens and adults with tooth enamel erosion caused by frequent consumption of sport drinks. Most of these Fort Worth family dentistry […]