Stick Out Your Tongue In Fort Worth!

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As health professionals, we know that Fort Worth cosmetic dentists diagnose and treat conditions of the teeth and gums, but we sometimes overlook the importance of the tongue. Have you ever considered all the amazing things your tongue can do? It helps us talk, perceive the texture and flavor of food, chew, and swallow. This […]

Does My Arlington TX Dentist Treat Bad Breath?

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When my Arlington TX family dentistry clients ask me if mouthwash cures bad breath, I tell them that treating bad breath with a mouthwash is like drenching yourself with cologne instead of taking a shower. Mouthwash is only a temporary mask for odor caused by poor oral hygiene, tongue bacteria, or digestive problems. The best-selling […]

Oral Health For Fort Worth Diabetics

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Today’s Fort Worth dental article is entitled ‘Oral Health For Fort Worth Diabetics.’ Many Fort Worth people with diabetes have dental problems. However, gum disease, tooth loss, and periodontal disease are not unavoidable. Blood sugar is the complicating factor. Fort Worth diabetics who control their blood sugar have lower rates of dental problems. In fact, […]

Prevention-Oriented Dentistry

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Are you a Fort Worth area parent of young children? Do you want them to develop better oral hygiene habits than you did when you were young? Perhaps you have a beautiful smile and want to prevent tooth decay. Many Fort Worth people have a mouth full of fillings and don’t want to add another […]

Pregnancy And Oral Health In Arlington

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In today’s Stephen Ratcliff, Family & Cosmetic Dentistry blog we will discuss how pregnancy impacts your dental health. I am Dr. Stephen Ratcliff and I want all expectant mothers in the Arlington TX area to realize the importance of good oral hygiene during pregnancy. Because of the changes going on in a pregnant woman’s body there […]

Tooth Ache Pain The Size of Fort Worth

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Family dentistry patients often come into our dental practice and complain about ‘a toothache the size of Fort Worth’. I understand this kind of pain, and realize that when you describe it like that, it really hurts. I can help. Tooth ache pain for anyone near Fort Worth can be unbearable. At the very least, […]