Smile Gallery

Patient Story

D. Hevia – Arlington, TX

To sit in the chair was a challenge for Mr. Hevia. Our office took the time to get to know him and listen to his individual needs. With our mutual trust established, we were able to complete a pain-free comprehensive treatment plan that involved dental implants, porcelain crowns, and clear braces with the Invisalign® system. Mr. Hevia is no longer afraid of the dental office and often just drops by to visit.


Thanks to Dr. Steve, his staff, and the compassionate, caring and professional manner in which they treated me, I was not only able to overcome my deep seated fears, but now enjoy a smile which I display with great pride.

Patient Story

K. Winter – Arlington, TX

Ms. Winter had suffered since childhood with small, tetracycline stained teeth. Those problems were obvious to Ms. Winter, but a comprehensive approach was needed to correct these major shortcomings. To restore her mouth, full porcelain crowns, bite adjustment and TLC were required. Our joint efforts resulted in a smile that not only complements her beautiful face but also releases her inner confidence.


I was impressed by Dr. Ratcliff’s advice not just on dentistry, but the aesthetics of my face. He helped me explore all my options and decide on the right treatment plan for me. And I’m completely thrilled with the results!

Patient Story

S. Smith – Allen, TX

Sometimes the little things make all the difference. Ms. Smith did not like the gaps between her teeth and together we chose porcelain laminate veneers as her treatment choice. With new teeth which complimented her face, she blossomed with confidence. Our office takes the time to listen and discuss your expectations and what treatment options are available to meet those expectations.


I used to be embarrassed when I smiled because of a space between my teeth. Thanks to Dr. Ratcliff’s amazing artistry, my confidence is back! The results are dramatic. I absolutely love my new smile and it shows!