Your Smile (Ages 40 – 65)

Adult Dental Care in Arlington TX

Research continues to demonstrate the critical role dental care plays in your overall health and appearance. Eat well, exercise and enjoy life while you share your beautiful smile with those around you.

Arlington dentist, Dr Stephen Ratcliff, encourages you to make dental care a priority in all stages of life as dental health can significantly affect your overall health. Maintain regular dental visits with us to help prepare for a healthy retirement. Dr. Ratcliff can also help you feel and look younger with porcelain veneers, teeth whitening and other cosmetic dentistry options.
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  • It has been estimated that up to 75% of adults over age 35 have varying degrees of gum disease. Work with Dr. Ratcliff to make sure you don’t.
  • Over 60% of baby-boomers with an dental health problem considered to be an indication of a more serious problem are unaware of the connection. Don’t skip your check ups!


  • You may still have silver mercury amalgam fillings. They are unsightly and often damage tooth structure, but many believe they present other health dangers. Dr. Ratcliff can replace these fillings with durable, tooth-colored dental fillings.
  • You’ve still got a lot of life in front of you. Just like you may have remodeled your home after a few decades, it might be time to remodel your smile. Arlington dentist, Dr. Stephen Ratcliff, provides “upgrades” that may allow you keep your beautiful smile for the rest of your life.


  • Nothing makes you feel AND look younger than a gorgeous smile. Teeth whitening, often combined with one of many other cosmetic dentistry options, can create a smile makeover that can become your “fountain of youth.”

A healthy smile can last a lifetime!
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