Tooth Extraction

Getting a Tooth Pulled In Arlington TX

What is a Tooth Extraction?

Girl from Grand Prairie who got her tooth pulled in Arlington TX. “Tooth extraction” is really just a fancy term for having a tooth pulled. A variety of situations and conditions call for tooth extraction, however, we do strive to save natural teeth whenever possible. Fortunately, if tooth extraction is necessary Dr. Stephen Ratcliff has wonderful options to replace your natural tooth with a great looking and functional replacement.

How Does Tooth Removal Work?

First we take X-rays to help us view the root of the tooth and surrounding bone; this allows us to carefully plan the tooth extraction. Next, an anesthetic is used to numb your mouth in order to make sure there is no pain or discomfort during the extraction process. Then the tooth is gently removed while taking the utmost care to keep the surrounding bone undamaged. Finally, Dr. Rastcliff might make a few stitches to help the area close properly and speed up the healing process.


Often, a tooth extraction is required when the tooth is damaged beyond repair by decay or damage. This is the most common reason for tooth extraction. However, it’s not the only reason for pulling teeth. Below is a list of situations that may require tooth extraction-

  • FRACTURED TOOTH | A severely fractured tooth can be grounds for a tooth extraction.
  • PROSTHETICS | Prosthetics are artificial teeth and devices that sometimes require teeth pulled for proper fit and placement.
  • DENTURES | Full dentures require teeth to be pulled to accommodate the dentures.
  • WISDOM TEETH EXTRACTION | Patients often need to have their wisdom teeth pulled.
  • ABSCESSED TOOTH | A severe tooth infection or decay.
  • TOOTH BLOCKAGE | Extra teeth sometimes block or prevent other teeth from coming in properly or at all.
  • Diagram of a tooth after a tooth extraction in Arlington TX.PERIODONTAL DISEASE | Gum disease can reach a point where the tissues and bone can no longer support a tooth.
  • BRACES | In some situations, tooth extraction is necessary for orthodontic treatment.
  • ENDODONTIC FAILURE | A root canal may not be able to repair a tooth and must be pulled.
  • POOR COSMETIC DENTISTRY CANDIDATES | Sometimes teeth are so badly damaged, disfigured, crowded, etc. that they are poor candidates for cosmetic dentistry procedures like dental veneers for example.

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