Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom Teeth Removal Services in Arlington, TX


Girl smiles after having a wisdom teeth removal near Grand Prairie TX.Wisdom teeth are the very back molars that usually erupt later in life. The name ‘wisdom teeth’ refers to the age or maturity of the patient when they first emerge. Wisdom teeth often lead to several dental health issues that may require wisdom teeth extraction:

  • TEETH CROWDING | Wisdom teeth have the tendency to push your other teeth, causing crowding and leading to initial or secondary orthodontia needs.
  • TOOTH ABSCESS | When tooth pulp (or other tissues) in the wisdom tooth become infected, an abscess may form.
  • OTHER INFECTIONS | When wisdom teeth grow into or “impact” your other teeth or break through the gum surface, infections may erupt which can lead to severe discomfort.

The result of a toothache, infection or other problems will likely lead to wisdom teeth extraction. Dr. Stephen Ratcliff may recommend wisdom tooth extraction even if they aren’t causing any current problems. This is done as a preventive measure so no future problems arise.

Wisdom Tooth Removal

Often wisdom tooth removal is necessary to prevent or address the issues listed above. Dr. Stephen Ratcliff will assess the situation to determine if wisdom tooth removal is the appropriate course. The actual wisdom teeth extraction process is fairly straightforward and similar to other tooth extractions. The level of anesthetic needed depends on your (or your loved one’s) specific situation. General anesthetic may be required or sometimes local anesthetic alone may suffice. Once the patient’s wisdom tooth area is numb, the wisdom teeth removal process starts, with Dr. Ratcliff simply removing each of the offending wisdom teeth (not all need to be removed in every case).

Post-Wisdom Tooth Extraction Care

Diagram showing the problems that can arise if a wisdom tooth extraction does not take place.Though the wisdom teeth extraction process itself is comfortable, the patient will experience some inconveniences over the following days. We will instruct you about the appropriate care that should be taken as well as what foods can or can’t be consumed. Dental hygiene is also very important at this point to prevent potential infections. It may be inconvenient for a few days after the wisdom tooth removal but you will be much better off long-term. Some basic post-surgical advice is to:

  • Reduce your activities
  • Do not disturb the wound area
  • Apply an ice pack to your cheeks over top of the surgical site
  • Take pain medications as prescribed

Wisdom Teeth Removal Near Grand Prairie and Arlington TX

Wisdom teeth removal in Arlington TX can help prevent future dental problems.
If you live in the Arlington-Grand Prairie area and would like to learn more about wisdom tooth extractions, call, text, or email our office in Arlington. We can work with you to determine if a wisdom tooth extraction is necessary.