Tooth Knocked Out? Call Stephen Ratcliff ASAP!

Arlington TX Restorative Dentistry For Knocked Out Teeth

It may sound like a catastrophe to many Fort Worth area dental patients, but having a tooth knocked out doesn’t always mean you’ll need cosmetic dentistry to fix your smile. If you can keep a cool head and remember a few simple instructions, chances are your tooth can be salvaged. The most important things for […]

Dental Implants In Fort Worth

Dental Implants Fort Worth

The best permanent tooth replacement treatment available to Fort Worth area people who are missing teeth are dental implants. A dental implant is a metal (ideally titanium) rod implanted into the bone to replace the missing root. The crown and supporting structure are securely and permanently attached to the rod. Titanium is amazingly strong and […]

Attention Arlington: Replace Your Dental Bridge Before You Lose Teeth

Dental Implants Arlington TX

Hello Arlington TX visitors, welcome to Stephen Ratcliff, Family & Cosmetic Dentistry. Let’s talk about a tooth replacement option common in Arlington: dental bridges. While dental bridges have restored smiles for thousands of Arlington TX dental patients, they are not problem free. Many people with dental bridges find it impossible to keep the small areas […]

Total Tooth Restoration

Total Tooth Restoration

Your face is always on display for others to see. You can’t hide it behind long sleeves or baggy jeans, and a hat won’t hide it away on a sleep-in Saturday. Many lucky Arlington TX residents who have received smile makeovers at Stephen Ratcliff, Family & Cosmetic Dentistry believe their dazzling new smile brightens their […]

Texas restorative dentistry

Texas Family Dentistry

I’m Stephen Ratcliff, and my practice is called Stephen Ratcliff, Family & Cosmetic Dentistry. We perform restorative dentistry near Fort Worth Texas. Restorative dentistry includes dental procedures such as dental crowns and dental implants. If you are looking for a local Texas dental practice that specialized in restorative dentistry, I encourage you to visit Stephen […]