Choosing A Toothbrush For Your Child

pediatric dental ArlingtonChoosing a toothbrush for your child may not sound like a very critical issue, but it’s more important than you might think. With that in mind, Stephen Ratcliff Family and Cosmetic Dentistry in Arlington has some suggestions.

The most important consideration is probably that your youngster likes the toothbrush. That makes it far more likely he or she will use it, and can reduce the frequency of any battles you might have about brushing.

Be sure to choose a toothbrush that is a good fit for your child’s mouth. A smaller mouth will need a smaller toothbrush, for reasons of comfort and for doing the best possible job. The brush must easily reach all the way to the back teeth, with enough room to maintain a circular motion while brushing.

And then there are the bristles. Softer is always better, and for the same reason we recommend soft-bristled brushes for all patients regardless of age. They do a fine job cleaning teeth surfaces and along the gumline, but are not too hard on the gums. This is really important.

Those are the biggest considerations: a good fit to the mouth, and soft bristles. Manual or electric? There are lots of kid-sized electric toothbrushes out there. They don’t necessarily do a better job, but some kids love them.

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