4 Ways To Fix A Chipped Tooth

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In a perfect world, each of your teeth would stay healthy, strong, and brilliantly white throughout your life. Unfortunately, most of us will need to restore a tooth at some point. At Stephen Ratcliff Family and Cosmetic Dentistry in Arlington TX, we can help.

A tooth can be compromised by decay, enamel erosion, a chip or crack, gum disease, or injury. Sometimes old restorations break and need to be replaced or root canals performed decades ago develop an abscess.

Here are four different options for repairing a damaged tooth:

  1. Dental Bonding: Bonding is used to fix minor cosmetic problems like small chips, cracks, discoloration, and spaces between teeth. A composite resin is applied and shaped as necessary.
  2. Porcelain Veneers: These are wafer-thin shells that are permanently attached to the front of natural teeth. Dental veneers can cover chips, cracks, and gaps, or the alignment of a tooth.
  3. Crowns: A crown replaces the entire visible portion of the tooth, restoring appearance, strength, and function. These are often necessary for a tooth that has
  4. Dental Implants: Implants are titanium posts that are inserted into the jaw. Once dental implants fuse with the bone, they can support one or more artificial teeth.

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