Affordable Tooth Fix with Cosmetic Dentistry in Arlington

Cosmetic Dentistry in Arlington

Some Grand Prairie people are unhappy with the way their teeth look but many mistakenly assume that cosmetic dentistry is far too expensive to pursue.

Affordable Dentistry

Before you give up on improving your smile, however, consider a less celebrated but extremely effective and affordable cosmetic dental remedy, dental bonding.

Dental bonding has a wide range of applications for unappealing teeth. Bonding can correct a tooth that is damaged, chipped, short, or discolored. It can also fix teeth that have gaps in between them.

How Does the Dental Bonding Procedure Work?

First, your tooth will be slightly but painlessly roughed up to help the resin adhere. Your dentist will use a shade guide to ascertain the perfect color of composite to match the existing teeth. Your dentist will apply liquid composite resin on the tooth, layer by layer. He or she will carefully shape and polish it before it hardens.The tooth is then covered with a conditioning liquid that assists in adhesion.

Once the resin is bonded, it is further molded to the specific shape for your bite and appearance. A laser helps quickly bond the resin in place as it hardens. Further shaping and polishing, if necessary, to complete the procedure. The result is a beautiful smile with cosmetic dentistry in Arlington.

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