Extraction Is Not The End Game

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Have you had a tooth extracted? You may be left with a gap in your smile. Unsightly as that may be, there is  more than the issue of appearance. At Stephen Ratcliff Family and Cosmetic Dentistry in Arlington, we can address that with a dental implant. Problems With Extracted Teeth After a tooth is extracted, […]

A Root Canal Doesn’t Just Save a Tooth

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When a patient comes into Stephen Ratcliff Family & Cosmetic Dentistry in Arlington with long-time toothache, they are often desperate. “Just pull it!” They don’t want to suffer the pain any longer. They have written off the tooth and have recognized the reality that they will lose it. Extraction isn’t the only option When a tooth […]

Fixing Chipped Teeth With Bonding

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Your teeth are covered in enamel, a strong outer layer that protects them. But it isn’t indestructable. A little rough-housing at home, an accident on the playing field, or biting something like hard candy or ice, and you’ve got a chipped tooth. If that happens, call us at Stephen T. Ratcliff Family and Cosmetic Dentistry […]

Peace Begins With A Smile

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Mother Theresa once said that peace begins with a smile. How do you feel about your smile? Are you at peace with it? If you think there is room for improvement, talk to us about cosmetic dentistry options at Stephen Ratcliff Family and Cosmetic Dentistry in Arlington. Cosmetic dentistry refers to a range of procedures […]

Your Child’s Dental Check-up Schedule

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How often should your child receive a dental check-up at Stephen Ratcliff Family and Cosmetic Dentistry in Arlington? You’ve probably heard that most people need a dental check-up every six months. This is a good schedule for children as well. In some cases, however, a person should see a dentist more frequently. Know The Risk […]

Health Habits To Keep You Smiling

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In this post from Stephen Ratcliff Family and Cosmetic Dentistry in Arlington, we focus on behaviors that influence dental health. Of course, regular brushing and flossing are two important habits for healthy teeth, but there are many more things we can do to keep a healthy smile. Diet Do’s Do eat a nutritious diet with […]

Watch Out For Hidden Sugar

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Every health-conscious parent knows that sugar is the number one cause of cavities. Plenty of us adults also nibble on too many sweets. Sugar is in a lot of processed food, and at Stephen Ratcliff Family and Cosmetic Dentistry in Arlington, we want you to be aware of hidden sugar and its risks to your […]

What Is General Dentistry?

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If you explored our website before landing on this blog, you have may noticed the term “general dentistry” on the menu, along with other services. “General dentistry” may sound bland, but it isn’t. At Stephen Ratcliff Family and Cosmetic Dentistry in Arlington, it’s your assurance that we can diagnose and treat your most essential issues, […]

Your Dental E.R.

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It’s comforting to know that the hospital emergency department is open on evenings and weekends. If you have a medical emergency, there’s a team at the E.R. ready to help. It’s also reassuring to know that Stephen Ratcliff Family & Cosmetic Dentistry is here for you. If you have an urgent dental dilemma in the […]