Family Dentistry in Grand Prairie: Instill Good Brushing Habits

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children's dental exam Arlington Family Dentistry in Grand Prairie

New Arlington parents may be surprised by the American Dental Association’s recommendations on children’s oral care. Parents are advised to begin brushing their baby’s teeth as soon as the first teeth emerge. After all, brand-new teeth are just as vulnerable to dental cavities as older teeth. Parents are encouraged to use a cloth and a smidgen […]

7 Steps For A Healthy Smile | Dental Health in Arlington

Grand Prairie Extreme Smile Makeover Dental Health in Arlington

 “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Benjamin Franklin coined this phrase in the 1730s as advice for fire safety. However, like all timeless quotes, it applies to many more characteristics of modern life, particularly dental health in Arlington. Keeping your smile beautiful and healthy is done most effectively with preventative measures. Some […]