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Posted on May 5, 2017 in Family Dentistry

If you have children in the Arlington area, there is no better time to consider pediatric dentistry than right now.

The best time to start your Arlington children on a pediatric dentistry program is when their teeth first appear. This may seem a bit early, however it is a great time to become acquainted with pediatric dentistry options, learn training techniques for teaching your children, and assessing the health of your child’s teeth before problems begin.

We can also help you identify pediatric dentistry programs and services in the Arlington area, for you child. If you have questions about pediatric dentistry, please give us a call at Stephen Ratcliff, Family & Cosmetic Dentistry. My name is Stephen Ratcliff, and my warm and friendly staff will be more than happy to talk with you about your child’s dental needs.

Remember: The best time to consider pediatric dentistry is while you have options. Waiting until problems appear reduces your options and misses the very reason we are concerned about pediatric dentistry; to help your child grow healthy and strong teeth that will last a lifetime.

Bring your questions to our warm and friendly staff at Stephen Ratcliff, Family & Cosmetic Dentistry. We are located at 909 W Mitchell St in Arlington, Texas.

We are looking forward to seeing you, and to discussing pediatric dentistry with you and your children.

‘Your Arlington & Fort Worth Cosmetic and Family Dentist’, 817-200-7323

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Think You Know How To Brush? Think Again.

Posted on Feb 3, 2017 in Family Dentistry

Arlington tooth brushing tips

You’ve been doing it since you were five. You switch to auto pilot morning and night and get it done. But are you doing it right?

Actually, many people are making tooth brushing mistakes. You may need to tweak your routine to better support your oral health and preserve your smile from cavities and gum disease.

Here are important tooth brushing tips:

1. Take your time.
It’s understandable. You want to get it over with and go to bed. Proper teeth cleaning takes time and careful attention. Time yourself the next time you brush – you might be surprised at how swiftly you finish. The process should take at least take two to three minutes. It can also be useful to take a different route around your mouth every few days. By altering your process, you approach areas from a different, and possibly, better angle.

2. Don’t forget to floss.
No matter how agile you can be with your brush, it’s problematic to eliminate the plaque from all those narrow gaps between your teeth. That is where bacteria can easily increase and start the decay process.

3. Use the right toothbrush.
It is ironic that some people hurt their enamel or gums because they brush too vigorously with a rigid brush. Dr. Ratcliff guides patients to only use a soft brush. If you’ve had gum grafts, you may want to use an extra soft brush.

4. Don’t keep your tooth brush near the toilet.
This is repulsive to think about, but each time the toilet is flushed, bacteria is sent far into the air – even if you close the lid. Keep your toothbrush in a clean place and allow it to air dry.

5. Use fluoride toothpaste.
This may seem like a no-brainer but you may be surprised that some oral care products don’t contain fluoride. And you may think it’s only for kids. Not true. Your enamel is continuously under assault from acidic foods and drinks and fluoride helps it remineralize.

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Super Smiles For Life

Posted on Sep 2, 2016 in Family Dentistry

implant dentures Arlington

Your child should be naturally proud of his or her smile. It expresses joy, laughter, and fun! To make sure your child has a healthy and appealing smile, start early. Really early.

Dr. Stephen Ratcliff recommends that you bring your child in for their first dental visit soon after their first birthday. An early check is the first step in preventing troubles and setting the stage for lifelong dental health. Dr. Ratcliff will keep the visit short, but perform a thorough visual examination to make sure there are no concerns.

Dr. Ratcliff will guide you on good dental procedures at home, such as correct brushing and flossing. You will also be guided regarding healthy eating choices and the consequences of poor choices. It is especially essential to keep your toddler from eating sticky or hard candies that lodge in molars and spaces between teeth. It is also important to monitor the amount of juice they drink and keep it in a cup instead of a bottle.

Any time sugary foods or drinks are in contact with teeth, the enamel is weakened from the acid those substances contain. Prolonged exposure begins to wear the enamel away, setting the stage for cavities. Unlike broken bones that regenerate, once enamel is gone, it’s essentially gone, though fluoride can remineralize weakened enamel to a small degree.

Promoting a healthy, low sugar diet is always prime for your toddler’s teeth. If your baby or toddler needs a bottle to calm down and go to sleep, make sure that the bottle contains only water.

Other important habits are to brush and floss your teeth in front of your child. (If you have never been regular flossing – it’s time to start!) Let them see that it is a priority and a comfortable habit in your life. Brush their teeth with a soft bristled brush and a small amount of toothpaste. Let them try it, but always go over their teeth afterward, making sure each tooth is brushed. When finished, give them a cup of water to help rinse the toothpaste out.

Before coming to Stephen Ratcliff Family & Cosmetic Dentistry in Arlington, talk to your child about the upcoming appointment and let them know that their teeth are going to be checked. Dr. Ratcliff will help your child feel proud of their effort and help them have a favorable visit, the first of many to come.

Call Dr. Ratcliff at 817-200-7323 to schedule an appointment. Remember also to call any time between scheduled visits with any questions or concerns that might arise. We are committed to your child’s lifelong dental health.

Dr. Ratcliff serves many families in the Grand Prairie area with expertise and compassion. Some of our patients come from Arlington, Mansfield, and Grand Prairie. At Stephen Ratcliff Family & Cosmetic Dentistry, we love working with children and will help your child have a positive experience learning to care for their teeth.

At Stephen Ratcliff Family & Cosmetic Dentistry, we focus our efforts on . Each member of our warm and friendly team is passionate about making our youngest patients feel safe and comfortable. Our patients enjoy the friendly atmosphere while benefitting from our state-of-the-art technology.

Some of our most popular services include dental implants, dentures and porcelain veneers. We are located at 909 W Mitchell St in Arlington.

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Get On Top Of Your To-Do List by Calling Stephen Ratcliff Family & Cosmetic Dentistry

Posted on Jun 17, 2016 in Family Dentistry

porcelain veneers price Grand Prairie

Is it time to get your life back in order, Arlington? Call it Spring Cleaning. Call it a Hard Reset.  I like to call the small and simple tasks cling-ons. These are things like refill a prescription, change your furnace filter, get your oil changed, replace the lightbulb or make a dental appointment.

If you’ve been pushing dental work onto the back burner, maybe it’s time to just get it out of the way and move on to your other tasks. Call 817-200-7323 to set up a consultation. Once and for all determine your dental needs and create a straightforward, incredible, all-encompassing plan.

Here at Stephen Ratcliff Family & Cosmetic Dentistry we see patients for many smile repairs including the following:

porcelain veneers
teeth whitening
dental implants
Invisalign clear braces

Dr. Stephen Ratcliff strives to provide distinctive service to our fantastic patients in Arlington, Texas. At your consultation feel free to ask about veneers, implants, invisible braces, bridges and all things dental. We answer cosmetic dentistry questions all day long and Dr. Ratcliff knows how to clearly explain the pros and cons related to various treatment plans.

Since 1990, Arlington patients have enjoyed having Stephen Ratcliff Family & Cosmetic Dentistry nearby, ready to provide family dentistry, restorative dentistry, and cosmetic dentistry.

Move through your to-do list today – change your oil, check. Replace that lightbulb, check. Make a dental appointment, check. It feels great.

Stephen Ratcliff


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Helping Teeth Survive Adolescence

Posted on Apr 22, 2016 in Family Dentistry

adolescent dental health Arlington

If you are the parent of a daughter or son, you may already have some concerns about your child’s well-being. As young men and women progress toward complete independence, some make questionable choices when it comes to health.

You may know Arlington teens that skip meals and others that eat ramen noodles for lunch and dinner. Some adolescents spend more hours on Instagram than sleeping. Braces can hinder proper brushing. Eating disorders such as bulimia can quickly erode enamel and damage a smile.

Dental problems manifesting in the adolescent years can affect teeth for life. Let’s examine some critical dental issues for adolescents.

Wisdom Teeth
The third molars usually appear between late adolescence and the mid-twenties. Common wisdom teeth troubles include bite misalignment, dental caries, gum disease, and damage to the nearby teeth. It is important to monitor wisdom teeth and follow the guidance of your dentist.

Eating Disorders
Parents who notice their child abnormally preoccupied with body image and weight loss should be on the lookout for bulimia and anorexia. These serious disorders should not be ignored. Parents are advised to seek treatment immediately if they discover that their teen is binging and purging or intentionally restricting food.

Oral Health and Orthodontia
Braces can make proper brushing difficult. Toothbrushes and flossing devices that squirt water can help teenagers with braces clean their teeth and gums.

Sugar-Heavy Diet
If you visit any Texas high school during lunch hour, you will see that sugar-laden soda, juice, and energy drinks are becoming a beverage staple. (Perhaps we adults are setting a bad example.) While juice is definitely the healthiest choice of the three, heavy juice consumption can damage enamel just as effectively as a can of Coke. Water is the best drink for teeth as well as calcium-rich milk, which leads us to our next section.

Inadequate Calcium Intake
Some teenagers who drank milk daily as kids curtail their consumption when they start eating meals away from home. This is unfortunate because calcium is just as indispensable for adolescents as it is for younger children. For strong teeth and bones, encourage your teen to enjoy low-fat dairy products daily.

Sports Injuries
Athletics benefit adolescents in a number of ways but, unfortunately, also pose a threat to teeth. Make sure your teen wears a protective custom mouthguard when participating in any activity where a mouth injury can occur.

We encourage Arlington parents to be vigilant about twice-yearly dental exams and cleanings for their teens. Many oral issues develop unnoticed. To schedule an intensive examination and cleaning, call Stephen Ratcliff Family & Cosmetic Dentistry at 817-200-7323.


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Dental Sealant Q & A

Posted on Feb 19, 2016 in Family Dentistry

dental sealants Arlington

Q. What are dental sealants?
A. Dental sealants are permanent plastic barriers applied to the biting surfaces of teeth. They prevent cavities by filling in the grooves and fissures where food particles are particularly difficult to remove. Most Grand Prairie pediatric dentists and family dentists offer sealants to their patients.

A. Do sealants significantly reduce tooth decay?
Q. Yes. Studies show that dental sealants can lessen the risk of decay by 70%!

Q. How are dental sealants applied to the teeth?
A. Your dentist applies the sealant resin as a liquid which quickly hardens and adheres tightly to the pits and grooves. The procedure is rapid, manageable and painless.

Q. Which teeth can benefit the most from sealants?
A. Sealants are most commonly applied to the first and second molars because they are at the highest risk for decay.

Q. When should sealants be applied?
A. The best time is early – while the teeth are cavity-free. Your dentist will advise you.

Q. Are sealants just for kids?
A. Not necessarily. Talk to your Arlington dentist about whether sealants could benefit you.

Q. Is brushing and flossing still necessary for the teeth with sealants?
A. Yes. Vigilant oral hygiene is still critical to keep teeth and gums healthy. Even the teeth with sealants are at risk for decay along the gumline.

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