Can You Handle A Dental Emergency in Arlington, TX?

Mansfield after hours dental emergency in arlington

At Stephen Ratcliff Family & Cosmetic Dentistry, we hope you never go through a serious dental emergency in Arlington. It’s essential, however, to know what to do in such a situation if it happens to you. Here are some tips about dental emergencies to help you until you can make it into our office.

1. If one of the wires on your braces breaks, what do you do?

Put a piece of orthodontic wax on the end if it is irritating your tongue or gums. Schedule an appointment right away with your orthodontist to have it fixed. If the wire has cut your gums, rinse with a solution of salt and water. If you don’t have a piece of orthodontic wax, you can use a cotton ball to cover the sharp end. Don’t cut off the loose end of the wire, because you risk swallowing it.

2. If your child falls on concrete and knocks out a front tooth, what do you do before driving immediately to the nearest dental office or ER?

If a permanent tooth is knocked out, it may be successfully re-implanted if done quickly. Make sure you only hold the tooth by the crown, never touch the root. If the tooth is dirty, rinse it gently with water being careful not to brush off any tissue attached. Because it is vital to keep the tooth from drying out on your way to your dentist or nearest emergency room, you can put the tooth in a cup of milk. Baby teeth should not be reinserted because it can potentially damage the emerging tooth.

3. If you lose a filling and the tooth starts hurting, what do you do until your appointment?

Save the filling and take over-the-counter pain medication. Though your dentist can’t use the same filling to repair the problem, it may reveal helpful information about the cause of the separation. Never put an aspirin on a tooth because the acid in it could irritate your gums.

4. If one of your teeth suddenly darkens, what are the possible causes?

There are a few reasons this could happen. The nerve inside the tooth could be damaged, you could have gum disease, or you could have an infection. It could also be a side effect of a medication you are taking,

For any dental emergency in Arlington, call an urgent dental care office or Stephen Ratcliff Family & Cosmetic Dentistry. We have been providing quality dental care for residents since 1990. If you add our address and phone number (817-274-7875) to your phone contacts right now, you won’t have to search for it in the case of a dental emergency in Arlington. When trying to save a knocked-out tooth, every minute counts. We also offer services such as dental veneers and dental implants.

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